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  • Data-Driven Marketing is not the buzz of tomorrow!

    Data-Driven Marketing does not sound too sexy and creative. But actually, it is!
    If you want to successfully do marketing in a digital age and drive your business to new heights, you will have to dive into Data and do Data-Driven Marketing!
  • Cyberattacks, disinformation, the IT Army.

    The world’s first cyberwar is happening right now. The war in Ukraine is savage, like all other wars, but it is also the first cyberwar in history. Read on to find out what that means.
  • New Work and IT Trends for 2022 Part 1

    Our CTO Ela Meier and Drupal Development Director Jesús Sánchez Balsera will give some insights on how New Work and IT trends will influence the agency world in 2022.
  • Veganuary at Cocomore. Get in the mood for vegan food!

    At Cocomore, we care. Not just about digital content, but also about the content of your belly 😊 We all want to live long and healthy lives with agile creative minds, don’t we? After last year’s Veganuary success at Cocomore, we decided to do it again, and we weren’t disappointed with the response.
  • Facebook-Aktie bricht ein – Worauf Social Marketer nun achten müssen

    Die überraschende Wende in der bisherigen Erfolgsgeschichte von Facebook zeigt, wie sehr sich die Welt des Online-Marketings im Wandel befindet – und dass manche gedachten Regeln hier nicht gelten. Doch was bedeutet dieser Schock für Marketing-Professionals und die Marketingbranche insgesamt?
  • 3 new feed options for Instagram are coming!

    All good things come in threes – that seems to be the new motto for Instagram in 2022.
    Besides the option of a chronological feed (which takes us back to the gold old days of Instagram), the app is testing 3 different options of feeds for you to pick. Read on to find out what that means.
  • The true-life experience of a Drupal Content Editor

    – we are only as good as the system is!
    I took on the mission of raising more awareness of how we feel as content editors at the end of a long line of website development, collecting my experiences, and applying for the online Drupal Con Europe 2021.
  • Hybrid working models at Cocomore

    If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that working from different locations is the future. And most of all, staying open-minded for new work concepts.