Cocomore and RaboDirect run social storytelling


Frankfurt am Main (Germany), October 16, 2018 - Digital agency Cocomore stage-manages the message "Growing a better world together" for its customer RaboDirect Germany on an own Instagram channel. That way the direct bank, a subsidiary of the cooperative Rabobank, positions itself as a pioneer in the fight against the waste of valuable resources and for global food safety. Specialising in agricultural and food markets, Rabobank has been promoting global projects that support this objective for years - the projects range from loans for farmers to the promotion of start-ups and the financing of food-sharing initiatives.


Thematically the Cocomore team takes up for example the 'FoodBytes! Rabobank event on Instagram, a next-generation pitch competition to detect the most innovative start-ups and provide them with mentoring and contacts for successful market growth. The new Instagram channel thus provides a stage for the most exciting innovations in the food and agriculture sector.


The Cocomore team created an Instagram profile which emphasises the importance and first-class nature of the topic of food scarcity and thus sets itself apart from Rabobank's Facebook presence, where the brand message is summed up with a lot of humour and charm: Here you not only benefit from saving money yourself, but are also committed to the good cause worldwide. "Facebook is a channel that communicates the topic of saving with irony and a twinkle in the eye," says Marc Kutschera, CEO of Cocomore. "The new Instagram channel creates a separate space for "Growing a better world together", separate from Facebook, in which the projects and commitment of Rabobank can be presented in the desired intensity.”


"The need of investors and customers to learn more about the use of their deposits is growing," says Marc Schäfer, Chief Commercial Officer at RaboDirect Germany. "The question of 'Where is my money going?' is becoming increasingly important and should gain an even stronger focus in our future communication.”


Cocomore has been supporting the social media activities of RaboDirect since 2014. In addition to the Facebook and Instagram profiles developed and managed by the agency, further projects are already in the planning stage.

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