Social Media News: New music and scheduling functions for Instagram.

The function of choosing music on your profile and a new option of scheduling your posts within the app are only a few new Instagram updates to come!
Sandra Bloem

We know Instagram likes to copycat, but now, it has taken a step back to one retro social platform Myspace, copying the function of choosing music on your profile. On top, they now want to offer the option of scheduling your posts within the app and the feature of multiple links in your profile, which before was only possible via Meta Business Planer or 3rd party platforms as Later or Hootsuite. 

We will cover every question you might have and tell you why the new in-schedule and link functions of Instagram are not the only tools you should use. And, of course, what does it all mean for marketers? 

Instagram in-app post scheduling, is it the only tool you will need? 

The short answer is no. For in-app scheduling, it is best to plan your Instagram posts and reels ahead of time, however, as a social media manager or marketer, what you like to work with is a broad overview of what content you have on every platform you use. For example, every content posted on Facebook or TikTok can be scheduled with your Instagram content in one tool like Later and Hootsuite, or even the Meta Business Manager. 

With only the Instagram function, you will only see your content on Instagram. 

However, this function does have its advantages as well, especially for small creators or agencies that work mainly with Instagram. Once the function is launched, we will do a deeper walkthrough of it. 

Finally, multiple links on your profile, or not? 

Something most social media managers and creators have been waiting for: multiple link options in your bio without a 3rd party app. Just like we already have on TikTok. 

But is it really that great? The answer is yes and no. 

With multiple links in your bio, you can change the links within Instagram, and you don’t need another platform. However, the number of addable links is limited as well. This means profiles with more than 5 links will still have to use another page like Linktree or Lnk.Bio to summarise all their other pages and products. 

Music for your profile, just like in the old Myspace days. 

Some accounts already have, and others will soon: music to share together with your latest snap in your feed! You’re now able to share photos with an individual soundtrack. It certainly tickles the nostalgic feelings of Gen X and Gen Y users, that loved to personalise their social media profile with their favourite music on Myspace back in the day. 

What advantage does that bring, you might ask? It’s fair to say that not only with reels but also now with pictures, Instagram is trying to jump on the train of “music, that helps with the algorithm.” So far, there is no further information about how this can improve a post’s reach, but it would not be surprising if this feature pushes posts in the future. 

But the best part for creators is that smaller artists can push and promote their music easier, which is a big advantage for them! 

What does it mean for marketers? 

We have seen with other updates that using new functions early on only brings positive results, since Instagram is interested in pushing them out. 

As a marketer, the first thing to do now upgrades your bio links, try out the scheduling function if possible and search for usable music tracks for your postings. Max out the options, but see which ones are handy for you. If one of the functions does not suit your brand well, you can skip it. 


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