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Merz Aesthetics assigned Cocomore to develop the currently most modern and innovative e-learning platform for professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine. The objective: the platform should meet the global training standards and at the same time the high expectations of the target group. In addition the integration of payment functionality was relevant. The free use of courses was primarily meant for existing customers in order to increase customer loyalty. But with the payment function non-customers should have the option to profit from the courses as well, which then again would lead to customer acquisition.


For our client Merz Aesthetics a professionally realized e-learning platform offers an opportunity for customer acquisition and loyalty in order to stand out from the competition in the highly competitive market of aesthetic medicine. Cocomore delivers an all-in-one solution with the „Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics“: from conception to design to technical development of the innovative education platform.

Selection of the technical platform

First we did a system evaluation of the technologies to be used: We decided to use Moodle as a technical platform and Adobe Captivate for content delivery. Moodle is based on classrooms that are available online and where work material and learning activities are offered. Here, we can take relevant functionalities into account such as the management of rights and roles, customized formats or plugins for registration and payment.

Concept and implementation of educational content

For eight training courses we created the content and took care of the implementation. For this we took the newest findings of e-learning behavior into account. We optimized the training courses in regards to didactics, dramaturgy and usability to make them available with the highest quality possible not only for desktop PCs but also on tablets. The implementation of the usability test with the target group assured that a high acceptance of training options could be realized. Next to text and image material the production of the sophisticated medical and visual content also covers 3D models, interactive tests and videos.